dindi. – Photography – The Netherlands

dindi. – Photography – The Netherlands

By shooting and situating her photographic scènes partially under water,
dindi develops a unique and distinctive photographic oeuvre. The movements and reflections of water are an important base in the search for her imaginary and visual language.

With her staged underwater photography, dindi captures and visualizes the balance and duality of her inner contradictions. At first glance her images have an aesthetically attitude which appear to be less friendly when observed more carefully.

Dindi: ‘This dual momentum and paradox returns in all my work, every time in a slightly different appearance. Water reflections are an important element in my work and, in fact the only element that I can’t fully control. The water makes sure that both of the staged image and the surrealistic water reflections are in an interesting and fascinating new balance. Water brings a certain spontaneity in my work and also surrealism and alienation of reality.
What first looks like to be a fairy-tale-like aesthetically image gets a shape in which frustration and destruction dominate. The reality and the reflection keep each other in a sort of balance to create my own imaginary worlds.’

Most of my works (before 2019) are photographed with a Canon 5D Mark II, pictures are partly shot in my home photo studio and partly in a swimming pool. While doing that, my camera was covered in an Ikelite underwater housing and I use underwater flashlights combined with flashlights on the surface. But during the formation of my latest series ‘Inner Landscapes’ (started summer 2019), the opportunity arose to experiment beyond my working methodes of the past. I appear to become a model myself and started working in a self build water bassin in my studio.