Henrique van Putten – Fabric Sculptures – NL

Henrique van Putten – Fabric Sculptures – The Netherlands

My work typically tells a story with a strong associative character and is built up out of colourful sculptural elements. Animals play a significant role in my work.

I enjoy drawing, and I consciously start with drawing so that I am able to develop the image. It is essential that I develop and refine my work. I view this as very important as it appears to fit in with with the themes that fascinate me. The making of a sculpture becomes intertwined with ideas and time helps to bring these ideas into fruition and a final visible product.

My faith in God provides me with my inspiration. In my work I describe God as the source of hope, love and life and I reveal how I as a human being try to live with these realities. In my attempts to be in relationship with God human fallibility, “La condition humaine”, takes centre stage.

Man is a finite being and is defined by his or her short-comings. The different works portray the various aspects of this fallibility: fear of others, the impossibility of being together, death, loneliness and the subsequent impotence. This results in ambivalence. A simultaneous hope and inevitable failure.

When I make these sculptures I translate these ideas into fables. These fantasy creations come into being to portray human  passions and mannerisms. Using these animals and fabulous beings makes these lessons in morality endearing and easier to accept. My work functions like a classical drama: it mirrors humans in the form of these beings. This mirroring could work towards purification and in the end towards comfort.