Lidy Jacobs – Clay Sculptures & Mixed Media – NL

Lidy Jacobs – Clay Sculptures & Mixed Media – The Netherlands

The elegant collages of artist Lidy Jacobs are a feast for the eyes. The viewer is treated to a series of collages in which nature, animals and flowers in combination with naked bodies play the leading role. Beautiful people in an irresistible nature. For a moment you feel like you are in paradise, but anyone who thinks Adam and Eve recognizes it is wrong. In the collages of Lidy Jacobs there is no place for “devout” biblical figures.

Jacob’s oeuvre consists of collages and “soft sculpture” installations. Her collages are built from photos which she cuts out of magazines. Jacobs not only cuts the contours, but cuts until a piece of lace remains. Gracefully open landscapes, flowers and bodies are “woven” together like lace. Jacobs creates an almost biblical paradise. Yet we are being called back because there was no room for desire and lust in paradise. In Lidy Jacobs’ paradise, however, desire and lust is an undeniable phenomenon, the bodies are erotic, beautiful and challenging, they show their breasts, buttocks and genitals. Some have sex with each other or sit together in higher sacred atmospheres. Hedonism is rampant.

Sexuality is the main theme in Jacob’s oeuvre, the study of duality and human feelings shape her work. She shows softness versus spikiness, but also glamor versus naked sexuality and normal horniness. Eroticism has played a major role in art history since time immemorial. Jacobs knows how to combine eroticism with aesthetics like no other; the beauty of her work makes the taboos disappear.