Michel Vaerewijck – Photography – BE

Michel Vaerewijck – Photography – Belgium

Some of Michel Vaerewijck’s nudes might be perceived as being at the edge of the pornographic, but, they absolutely aren’t.
On the contrary, when looking at the glass plate nudes, you feel as if you were vaguely stroked by love; an intellectual approach on love, transcending materialistic urges. The solitary splendour of the one body (yet perfect always imperfect) seems to remind us of the beauty that lies in creation of forms and ideas.

These platonic studio-works present themselves as, one might say, ‘excited contemplations’. The bodies are depictions of temporary vessels carrying sheer vulnerability. The camera descends into the flesh as if it röntgens for the model’s soul, defining the idea of a poetic action; dealing with the unfathomable, the ephemeral within reality.

The artist creates the opportunity for the ‘shapeless’ to take shape, and through the mold of careful selection, he makes them accord to his views and ideas,
after which -with most sacred gesture and respect- he places these selections in a gallery or art space, where they are meant to connect with the viewers’ psyche. Which establishes a (to his oeuvre very important) triangular relation; specifically: subject-photographer-/ photographer-viewer/ viewer-subject.