Wilma Kun – Sculptures – IT / BR

Wilma Kun – Sculptures – Italy / Brasil

The artistic work that I have been developing for several years is based on the idea of identity. In order to focus better this concept, I have ideally subdivided it in three areas of research. First of all, I concentrated on the elements which form the idea of personal identity.

There are plenty of aspects that I have been considering since I started, such as:

  • the sexual identity and its connections
  • the capacity of perception of ourselves and the reconstruction of identity’s idea.
  • the racial and cultural identity
  • the physical changes, in the long run, which modify the perception of ourselves
  • the memory as reconstruction of ourselves. In relation to this I have made use of some photos of my family to create material’s dolls which represent them.

At this point I started to work at the second area of research, that is the use of masks and material’s dolls. The mask is used as element of representation of a symbolic identity. He who wears the mask, assumes an other identity and on the contrary the mask takes possession of of the identity of the person who wears it. The idea of identity at this level is connected with the representation of the subject and it isn’t connected any more with one’s own individuality.