..creates inspiring exhibitions 
at unique locations.

ARTNOMADEN is an art community consisting of a group of connected artists who joined forces to gain independency. This self-sustaining group offers their artists a platform to show their work off the beaten track, original and without commercial strategy. 

ARTNOMADEN is an international group of members from the Netherlands, Belgium and Brazil.

Ludmilla van der Spoel (NL), Henrique van Putten (NL), Vittorio Roerade (NL), Sanne Maes (NL), Riëlle Beekmans (NL), Kunstenaarsduo Van de Camp en Heesterbeek (NL), Michel Vaerewijck (BE), Wietse Eeken (NL), Astrid van Rijn (NL), Wilma Kun (BRASIL), Joël Bonk (NL), Petra Werlich (NL), Lidy Jacobs (NL)

Members of the group fluctuate regularly. Former members are Marc Janssens (BE, Ceramics), Lobke Burgers (NL, MixedMedia), Marie Louise Elshout (NL, Paintings Drawings), Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter (SWEDEN, Paintings), Rem van den Bosch (NL), dindi. (NL)

Each artist has his or her own personal style and works in different areas; ceramics alongside paintings, sculptures made of fabric alongside photography and clay alongside video art.

Loveliness and menace appear hand in hand. Power and fragility are captured in an unattainable balance. Deception walks the same road as beauty. Ultimate Beauty seduces the spectator to watch and lead them to the deeper layers of our soul.

The art of the group is strongly related to each other, they all work figuratively, associatively and with a layered visual language. The images interact with each other and reinforce each other. The theme is diverse, on the one hand there is the fascination and the awe of Nature, where the darker side is revealed, on the other hand the artists investigate the human existence, ‘la condition humaine’.

ARTNOMADEN creates inspiring exhibitions at unique locations. The art community offers a complete package from start to end to create a well balanced exhibition. This always takes place in consultation with the owner and / or manager of the location.


You can support ARTNOMADEN in many ways. You can help us with what you are good at or just donate us some coins which we can use for promotion and exhibitions! 
Our Art Community is already supported by a small group of very motivated artlovers, who are helping us in very different ways. We can always use some more help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us! More info you can find on our SUPPORT page.

Committee of recommendation – Comité van Aanbeveling

Wim van der Beek
Kunstrecensent, onafhankelijk curator hedendaagse kunst

Thom Puckey
Brits Nederlandse beeldhouwer en fotograaf.
Visiting Professor at the University of the Arts Nanjing and at the College of Design, Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China
Vm docent Minerva Groningen, AKI Enschede,  Rijksacademie Amsterdam en St.Joost ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Anne Berk
Curator, ArtCritic, ArtEducator, Coördinator NL Sculpture Network
(Europe’s Platform for contemporary three-dimensional art)

Atte Jongstra
Schrijver, essayist, recensent NRC, Constantijn Huygens Prijs 2016

Edwin Jacobs
Directeur Dortmund U (Museum Ostwall Dortmund), per september 2019 Directeur Academies BK Maastricht, vm Directeur Museum Jan Cunen Oss, vm Directeur Centraal Museum Utrecht, vm directeur Stedelijk Museum de Lakenhal Leiden

Tiana Wilhelm
Directeur Musea Zutphen

Marc de Beyer
Directeur Museum Gouda

Gerard de Kleijn
Projectleider van Stichting M5

Adriaan de Regt
vm directeur Stedelijk Museum Zwolle, vm Sectorhoofd cultuur Gem.Arnhem, vm adviseur kunstraad Groningen

Ruud Vermeer
Directeur en hoofredacteur uitgeverij PANDORA, Tijdschrift voor Beeldende Kunst